Authentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes

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4 WindsAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -
4 Winds

Animal or EffigyAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -
Animal or Effigy

ElbowAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -

Hatchet or TomahawkAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -
Hatchet or Tomahawk

PlainsAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -

OtherAuthentic Native American Ceremonial Pipes - Native American Pipes -

Native American Ceremonial Pipes take many shapes and forms and are made out of many different materials or mediums. In the pipes on our website, you will find predominantly catlinite or what is commonly known as pipestone pipes. However, we do use different mediums, and you will also find steatite, or black pipestone pipes, as well as alabaster or white pipestone pipes. You may occasionally see pipes that are made out of very unusual colored types of stone.

We've broken the pipes down for you into six categories, so if you know what type or style of pipe you're looking to purchase, you simply have to click on the image of that style of pipe, and you'll see thumbnails of different pipes which meet your criteria.

Any type or style of pipe that we make and is not covered by one of the 5 main thumbnails, can be found in the "others" category.
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and if you decide to purchase a ceremonial pipe or any other item from us, it comes with a "no questions asked" guarantee. We will refund your money, or replace your item, for up to 6 months on any purchase, as long as it is returned to us in the same condition that it was sent. We want you to be 100% pleased with your purchase and we want to assure you that we stand behind our product!

If you see any specific pipes that interest you and you have any questions that you want to ask before purchasing the item, please Contact Us and we will return your email or telephone call as soon as we receive it.

For those of you wanting to make your own pipe and are looking for supplies and/or instructions, you can click Right Here.

If you are interested in more than one item on our site, or are having your item shipped to a country other than the U.S., you can also get a hold of us to get an accurate shipping cost. We are always delighted to combine shipping on multiple purchases, in order to save you some $$$.

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